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In-depth, authentic and smart conversation on the major topics and issues in New Brunswick and Canada.  Our guests “finish their thought”, share their passion, vision and solutions for our world. Started in 2013 the show now has over 270 episodes (hosted on Youtube). I also post on Facebook, LinkedIn and occasionally Twitter. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always interesting … our conversations matter. I hope you decide to support the show (independent media is important these days). PayPal or Patreon on the home page.

Dennis Atchison

Dennis Atchison


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To offer an insightful view, in each phase of a life’s journey is a deep awareness we are all connected.  My own passion for wisdom, play and the soul have guided my life and shows up in the conversations with every guest.  The art of listening. The craft of a good question. The gentleness to take risk. The dance of going deep while being light.  These are all examples of life’s experiences in play in each interview.

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In-depth, authentic and smart conversations about New Brunswick for New Brunswick. We are independent and supported by viewers.


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